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Using Facebook Workplace in the Office

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This week we got our invite to setup Workplace by Facebook  - the Slack alternative to collaborative discussion, using the familiar platform.

What is Workplace?

This is a separate account from your personal Facebook (meaning no sharing of drunken Friday night photos with your colleagues). It makes use of familiar Facebook tools to interact with your team. Discussions that take place are only visible to people at your company.


What can you do?

Once you’re setup (they recommend 30 - 60 minutes), you can start to invite your colleagues and set up their roles. Similar to Pages, you have different admin levels available. If someone leaves your organisation, you can quickly disable them.

What are the main features?

News Feed
The layout is very familiar to Facebook; you have a News Feed area where stories are shown. These are things like status updates, photos, videos, links, comments, likes etc. Other familiar features here include:

  • Controlling what you see
  • Prioritising content from people
  • Saving posts for later

Create an event that is private and invite your colleagues. This could be regular meetings, nights out, workshops. The format is similar to the standard events. You can also make use of the ‘duplicate event’ feature.

Workplace starts with a few pre-created Groups to get you started. CEO, IT Helpdesk, News, announcements….but you can manage these and call them what you like. You can also include different team members within them.


When you post an update, you always have to select which group it goes to. It isn’t just a random feed of thoughts and cats.

Work Chat
You can setup chats with colleagues with this feature. You can also share files, images, video and so on. If you’re really bored, you also get access to a range of GIFs.


How much does it cost?

Workplace is free for the first 3 months, from then on there is a pricing structure in place. It all depends on how many team members you have and the type of organisation you are. 


How do I give it a go?

Head to workplace.fb.com and click 'apply’ to begin. We had to wait a couple of months for the invite to come through.



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