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Sell online? It’s time to start using Dynamic Product Ads

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Are you selling your products online? How to you re-engage with customers who drop out before purchase and re-target that with that exact product? It is time to consider dynamic product ads.

Likely to be hot in 2017, dynamic product ads are crucial in helping you to re-market to your previous web visitors. You’ve probably seen them before, especially if you’ve been shopping online.  

If you have ever browsed a site for an item, but then decided not to purchase last minute, it isn’t long until you’re seeing that product again but within your Facebook feed or Instagram app. Historically, it was difficult to re-market to an individual based on a single product - it would be a generic ad for that company or a range of products form their range.

With dynamic product advertising, you can setup a small number of ads based on a vast product range.

That way, when a customer gets served the ad later it will display a different message or product photo, enticing them to come back where they left off and make a purchase.

With such a vast amount of advertising around, it is important to cut through the noise by being timely and relevant to your customers. This year, why not consider using dynamic product ads within your ad spend.

Need support on setting up dynamic products ads? Speak to us today to see how we can help.

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