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Measuring User Reactions to adverts on Instagram

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Using the power of biometrics to understand engagement and attention for ads shown on Instagram

Earlier this year Instagram released a study (Pixel and Print) that centred around biometrics and their App. Using methods such as eye-tracking, they found that respondents focused their attention more on the image portion of the advert than on other parts such as the text associated. 

Key points from the podcast were:

  • It was based on 100 people in the US aged between 18 – 65 in September 2016,
  • The study measured biometric responses as users navigated Instagram and other fee-based platforms,
  • It looked at how long users looked at the ads,
  • It reviewed whether the format of the ads on Instagram allowed users to be more engaged,
  • It showed how the body physically responds to ads,
  • It measured what people were looking at, even if they didn’t realise themselves,
  • It showed the electro-dermal activity (EDA) changes of engagement over a period of time, such as sweat glands of the skin.

Outcomes included:

  • Suggestions that Instagram users are deeply engaged when navigating the feed,
  • Users spend more time looking at ads on Instagram than other fee-based platforms in the study,

  • Visuals do a lot of the heavy lifting on this platform to engage your audience – try to make use of great visuals and simple text,

  • Make your brand immersive and non-cluttered in this space to lead to higher engagement and attention.

Facebook (who own Instagram) now offer the IQ Podcast Series, giving insight based on their user base of over 1.86 million people.  Listen to the podcast here.



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