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Craft 3 - The hottest thing since last Valentines!

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Here at Social You, we just love a bit of Craft CMS. One of the largest challenges faced when building websites for clients is allowing them enough freedom and flexibility to evolve their content as their business does. But not so much flexibility that the content, colours and type end up completely off-brand, giving off confusing signals to their customers and becoming detrimental to the company branding.

Craft CMS nails this problem on the head. Out-of-the box, we can configure just how much control a client has. We can look at their in-house expertise and skill-set to determine how we architect the CMS.

We don’t just think about the end-user when putting together a site, the internal team maintaining it are just as important.

If content editors and marketing teams can’t keep the website content fresh and updated easily then we’ve missed the mark.

Roll-on Craft 3…

There were always a few ‘quirks’ with Craft CMS, namely image handling & manipulation, initial setup & deployment and speed (the initial bootstrap cycle). All of these can be overcome through the use of 3rd party tools & technologies; Some carefully Crafted Composer, Capistrano and Varnish configuration is core to our workflow.

Once again though, Craft CMS has nailed all of these with the new version. We get a little more excited than we should about this stuff, but here are just a few of the new features we’re getting hot under the collar about:

Image Manipulation - Cropping, resizing and manipulating images within the CMS - all pretty standard. On-top of that though, setting image focal points for smart cropping of images - this is sexy stuff. You will now have control over how your image is cropped - no more missing heads.

Composer - We use this within Plugins for bringing in libraries from vendors (think Campaign Monitor Integration or Payment Gateway Libraries). Craft 3 core and plugins can now be installed using Composer making setup & installation a breeze. #WorkflowRefinement

Content Migrations - One of the bug-bears for us has been maintaining consistency across environments. Ensuring our development and staging environments match the live site, and how we roll both content & configuration changes between them. Content Migrations has fixed this up a treat.

Craft 2 is Dead… Long Live Craft 2…

Although we can test out and play with all the fancy new features of Craft 3. It’s still in Beta format, buggy and not ready for production sites yet. We wouldn’t want to put that level on instability on our clients, so for the time being its with Craft 2 that we will be continuing. Watch this space. 

Could 2017 be the year that Wordpress is finally toppled from the massive marketing hold it has on the industry? We hope so.

If you want to be one of the first to migrate over to Craft CMS 3 and take advantage of these fancy features, drop us a line and we’ll add you to the waiting list.

- Dan Eastley. Technical Director



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