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Agency trends for 2019

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We picked up on an article by Marketing Week that really resonated with us. “Trends for 2019: Agencies under attack from all sides” highlights how the traditional agency model really needs to make some changes.

When we started Social You almost five years ago, we wanted to move away from the traditional agency model. Having decades of experience working within traditional agencies, we felt the model didn’t work. It is unhealthy for both the client and the agency.

Starting a company based on a new model has its challenges, but it has allowed us to be more flexible and really listen to what companies and brands wanted from their agency relationships. 

Rather than it being a one-way dictatorship, it has been a two-way relationship where both sides can bring out the best in one another. 

We’ve been delighted to meet companies and forward-thinkers along the way who have been more than happy to support us and work together.

As we are coming up to our fifth year of business, we’re always looking at ways to keep improving these relationships and services. This year is no exception - we’ve made a few tweaks with our setup and as a result are heading into 2019 with lots of positive conversations and opportunities. 

Honesty, clarity and a non-bullshit approach is at the soul of our agency. As a result we’ve worked on some amazing projects, met some brilliant people and have helped brands to grow and deliver their goals. 

It is great to work with agencies and consultants where you can, they can bring lots of inspiration, advice and experience to projects. Just make sure you’re in it to build a professional relationship where both parties make the most out of the team and their experience. 



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